The Lexis Project - 2016
Film Stills, Audio Design & Pop up Cinema - A study of film through photography
Over the course of the a final year of study at Falmouth, I created a series of constructed fictional film stills. Alongside this I focused on multimedia and video editing techniques to combine these stills with a soundscape to form a series of animatic montages. These sequences were then installed in a pop-up cinema within a gallery space. 
The Vimeo link is a preview of one of these montages. 
The project was used to explore and question some of the narrative symbolisms and clichés that exist within cinematic history. The use of photographic and film-making techniques were applied in a manner that allows us to further question the relationships between the two mediums.
Exhibited at:
Falmouth - Institute Of Photography - 3rd June - 10th June 2016
London - The Old Truman Brewery - Free Range: 23 - 27th June 2016​​​​​​
See Installation gallery below:
Custom Designed Business Cards
Custom Designed Business Cards
Pop-up Cinema Design Plan
Pop-up Cinema Design Plan
Pop-up Cinema Falmouth Install
Pop-up Cinema Falmouth Install
Pop-Up Cinema London Install
Pop-Up Cinema London Install
Pop Up Cinema Entrance
Pop Up Cinema Entrance
Great Circle - 2018
Immersive Live Perfomence - Multi Projection Video Instalation
 This one-off  musical premiere took place at The National Maritime Museum. 
I brought together a range of specialist archive, stock, videos and stills to enhance and express the story of the first race to single handedly circumnavigate the globe. 
As the visual lead, I focused on how best to use projection design utilising the Museum's interior spaces to create an event space that visually supported the narrative that is portrayed within the musical arrangement. I then lead the video projection in live time to sync the narrtaive of the seleceted footage with that of the live perfomence.  
Dom could not have been better.  He literally transformed the place and made extremely innovative use of the artefacts, with mini projectors and a big cinematic approach.  It was breathtaking. " 
Nick Hart - Client & Musical Composer 

" I thought the performance brought the space to life in a way we have never achieved before.
Nick had film footage screened on the curved wall and images of the race contestants projected onto the sails of some the dinghies in the hall I was very impressed. "  

Richard Doughty - Director National Maritime Museum Cornwall
Life in the Doll's House - 2016
Full Scale Set Design & Video Editing (BEST VIEWED FULLSCREEN ON DESKTOP)​​​​​​​
This was a passion project which evolved into the mammoth task of constructing, dressing, lighting and shooting these full sized room sets 2 days a week for 5 weeks. The final series resulted in a cinemagraph where filming and digital manipulation was utlised to place looping movement from each room into an actual doll’s house setting. 
Take a peek behind the scenes and see how each room was built.
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